Fight to the Death: Battle of Guadalcanal (Graphic History, Volume 7)

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Astute use of photos and maps helps clarify many engagements, making these offerings a must read for anyone interested in the perils of amphibious warfare. Not only does one follow the landing craft warfare, but the ground fighting, the air war and naval battles as well.

McGee shows both sides of the conflict. It brought back memories of those very dark days. As they say in the Navy, well done! They capture the essence of that war.

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That he has done. Adams Jr, LST I was impressed with the scholarly effort the author put forth. Share this: Twitter Print Email. Like this: Like Loading John W.

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Dower Sep 1, In February , a U. American intelligence expected the island to fall in five days. Instead the battle lasted seven times as long—from February 19 until March 26—ending in 6, U.

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Twenty-two Marines and five Navy personnel received Medals of Honor from this ferocious engagement. The nation's leaders had started two wars they could not end—first in China in , and then against the United States and European colonial powers ensconced in Asia in December From the emperor on down, they were caught in the coils of their disastrous wars of choice: trapped by rhetoric, paralyzed by a blood debt to those who died in the lost cause, persistently blind to the psychology and rage of the enemy.

They had no real policy other than escalating killing and dying—hoping against hope that this would persuade U.

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Apart from momentary grief and commemoration, Iwo Jima did not register strongly on Japanese consciousness. When Hollywood director Clint Eastwood cast Japanese actors for his recent reconstructions of the battle, most knew nothing of the slaughter; and small wonder.

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Close to two-million Japanese died in that last year of the war—over a million fighting men most of whom perished from starvation or illnesses related to malnutrition rather than actual combat , and a half million or more civilians in the urban air raids that began in March and continued through the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Extermination of the garrison on Iwo Jima was easily obscured in the shadow of this grander catastrophe. And the grander catastrophe itself, of course, took place long before most contemporary Japanese were born. In the United States, by contrast, "Iwo Jima" has always been dramatically visible, courtesy of serendipity and the camera's eye and unflagging patriotic publicity.

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  5. The battle gave Americans their most graphic icon of the Pacific war: Joe Rosenthal's photograph of six Americans raising the Stars and Stripes on stumpy Mount Suribachi. This was the subject of James Bradley's probing study Flags of Our Fathers, on which Eastwood based the first of two path-breaking films about the battle—humanely deconstructing, as it were, both "victory" and "heroism.

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    Both films are provocative and eminently serious, and their challenge doubles when they are viewed side-by-side. As it happens, moreover, both can be paired with intimate and accessible books. One is Bradley's bestseller. The other is a newly translated popular work by Kumiko Kakehashi, based largely on the communications and personal letters of General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, the commander of the Iwo Jima garrison and central figure in Eastwood's Letters.

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    Taken together, and complemented with other films and readings, there is grist here for more than a few scholarly discussions and classroom assignments. Iwo Jima is small and resembled hell even before the Americans invaded.

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    Temperatures reach as high as degrees Fahrenheit. The largely barren soil is mostly volcanic ash, and digging a warren of tunnels and ventilation shafts exposed Kuribayashi's men to dangerous sulfur fumes. There is no drinkable ground water. The few civilian residents were evacuated before the battle, and U.

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    Supplies, including food, became all but cut off. Malnutrition and the illnesses accompanying this plagued the defenders even before the attack. Eastwood's Letters includes a champion horse, but there were in fact only three horses on the island altogether, there being neither fodder nor water to maintain them. One of General Kuribayashi's many humanizing acts—and, here as elsewhere, the film accords with what historians can reconstruct of what actually took place—involved ordering his officers to eat the same meager rations as conscripts. When his personal stewards demurred, declaring that regulations required that the commanding officer be served a fixed number of dishes, he simply told them to set out the dishes and leave them empty.