Classical loop-in-loop chains and their derivatives

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Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment , vol.

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Physical Review D , vol. Subleading BMS charges and fake news near null infinity.

  • Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and Their Derivatives.
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  • Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and Their Derivatives.
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On the elliptic gl2 solid-on-solid model: Functional relations and determinants. Journal of Mathematical Physics , vol.

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Probing thermality beyond the diagonal. The emergence of higher-spins in string theory from a worldsheet perspective. Frontiers in Physics , vol. Penrose quasi-local energy and Kerr-Schild metrics.

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Classical and Quantum Gravity , vol. Universal asymptotics of three-point coefficients from elliptic representation of Virasoro blocks. Asymptotic symmetries and charges at null infinity: From low to high spins. Journal of High Energy Physics , no. Differential equations for loop integrals without squared propagators.

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    Maximally extended sl 2 2 as a quantum double. On jordanian deformations of AdS 5 and supergravity. Article 85, Berlin: Springer, An integrability primer for the gauge-gravity correspondence: an introduction Preface. Bombardelli, A. Cagnazzo, R.

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    Frassek, F. Levkovich-Maslyuk, F. Loebbert, S. Negro, I. Szecsenyi, Alessandro Sfondrini, S. The polynomial form of the scattering equations is an H -basis.

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